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The Motivated Block Training System

hqdefaultManaging people efficaciously and productively is the primary objective of every organisation. That is where it becomes quintessential to make way for team building and leadership skills which paves way for result-oriented behavior among the members, be it employees of corporate sector or students working on a project. It is true that single person possess limited information, techniques and ability to handle huge amount of work but ‘team’ creates easy access to vast information and expertise pool. That’s why team work is always considered as the foundation of a successful endeavor. Team leaders are therefore, indispensable in order to manage team and provide guidance to ensure effective and high quality, productive work. Leader should be aware of capability of each individual of team, assign work according to it and keep track of all of them should follow by. It is true that genuine leadership skills are rare to found and becoming quite cumbersome to develop, these days, in the wake of emerging trend of heterogeneity and multicultural groups in our society, work places and academic circles. To incorporate the diversity there is need for all-encompassing program which pave way for the enlightened and profitable future. This is the main reason why there is indelible utility of motivated block training system for the teachers, students and corporate people if they want to be the forerunners in this intensely competitive world. It is universally acknowledged, “Actions speak louder than words”. This program emphasis greatly on the enhancement of the non verbal cues like body language, expressions and tone of voice to facilitate the team building over the conventional methods of relying on the communication channels only. The different section of the motivated Block training system is em-blazed with the ‘The motivation hygiene theory’ which primarily focuses on the creative and practical way of motivating others to work diligently in a team. This also give due consideration in fostering compliance as well as technique to assert and delegate properly. These are the crucial aspects that pave way for the success of any organisation both commercial as well as academic. Yes, it is the cornucopia of finding the best ever solutions, techniques, practical exercises for igniting enthusiasm among the team so that they can connect wholeheartedly in a team for cumulative work effort. The results are indeed astonishing in terms of higher academic scores, increased involvement in the group activities, hike in productivity and indubitably, the optimum actualization of personal interest of each participant. There is no arena of an organisation which this program avoids. Its holistic nature makes it one of the most apt models to invigorate a monotonous work place with endless possibilities. To witness more you can seek this program at http://motivatedpresenters.com/training/student-programs/ and watch a video of the training system in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPwClxA0Osc to get the real essence of the program. It would certainly prove to be a gratifying experience to facilitate committed teammates towards one objective and see the “miracle” happening.  All this is possible only with the effective implementation of an apt program that delivers exactly what it promises.

Motivated Teacher

A motivated teacher ensures the upkeep of students and a motivated student ensures upkeep of the entire society. Such is the power of a learned, knowledgeable and inspired teacher, he/she trains the entire future of the nation and thus every effort should be made to keep them motivated all the time. Teacher-student relationship is not new to the world, it has been there since many centuries however, what has changed is the equation of learning. There was a time when only the students were required to be cognizant with the facts and things related to their subject and world in totality, they were expected to be positively charged all the time, however now the same kind of motivation and outlook is expected from the teachers. Students no longer wish to study from autocrats instead they expect to interact with learned and friendly faces and www.motivatedteacher.com brings the best possible methods to ensure the same.

The biggest challenge that many school administrators’ face today is the increasing levels of dissatisfaction among students regarding their teachers and age-old teaching methods. Traditional ways of teaching no longer work on the students anymore because today when students look at their teachers, they seek empowering coaches and not some dictators. After extensive research and working with  students and teachers of various schools in United States for around 15 years, Bryan Fiese owner of Motivated Proformance Inc. -an organization that conducts teacher in-service programs and offers various interactive fast paced workshops for teachers who face challenges coping up with generation next every day.

The participants of our teacher in-service programs are imparted motivational and communicational skills that help them interact freely and confidently with their students. There are separate sessions for improving leadership skills as well. At Motivated Performance Inc, we are very well aware of the fact that engaging students in a lecture is complicated and in order to simplify this task for you, we offer key-notes for conducting motivational lectures for all our participants.  Bryan Fiese’s “10 Rules of Student Engagement” keynote serves dual purpose- firstly to motivate  teachers to perform their duties in better and interesting manner and secondly, engaged in their lectures, teachers start understanding the techniques and ways of engaging their own students in classrooms.

The wide array of interactive and innovative training workshops and sessions provided by our organization not just prove extremely helpful for the school administrators by motivating teachers but also serve another wonderful function of making an educational conference successful and worth attending. Due to the rapid development of educational institutions, a number of companies and event planners organize vivid events that are based on the topics of student-teacher interaction and student motivation etc. These conferences can achieve instant success by hiring professional and experienced keynote speaker that is in touch with student success and teacher improvement.

A number of schools spread across United States have adopted Bryan Fiese methods and have experienced instant improvement in their results and student teacher motivational quotient after organizing one of our teacher-in-service sessions.

Contact Motivated Teacher now and let you teachers experience the true meaning of motivation and your students feel liberated and confident once again.

What Is Student Engagement And How To Ensure It Occurs?


The process of student engagement is that in which the student is motivated highly to make a conscious effort to learn and in which the learning outcomes are extremely positive. The student in this case is not simply concerned with the signs of the outcomes as in the grades and results but the learning is further extended to ensure that the students have understood  the learning materials and is able to implement it in practical circumstances. This internalization of the learning is brought about by the student as the student is deeply engaged in the learning. The student engagement therefore is a direct result of the efforts and endeavors that teacher or Teacher in-service have undertaken to educate the student and make sure that the learning has taken place.

 The policies drawn out for student engagement also deals not only with academics but encompasses additional aspects associated with the students life, which include previous, school facilities for the successful imparting of education and other measures to inculcate the sense of discipline in the student. Therefore engaging the student is not only academic in nature but it provides the student with holistic development of character and personality. Therefore, student engagement is the optimized learning outcome from the efforts of the student, the teachers and the institution and all these three entities combine to ensure that learning has taken place and that the student has been well engaged in the learning to result in the overall development of the student, enrich the experience of the teacher and the growth of the institution in terms of its reputation.

For an overall student engagement to take place three-dimension engagement process needs to occur and they are the intellectual student engagement, the behavioral student engagement and the emotional student engagement. But in all these three dimensions there is a possibility for both the positive and the negative engagement to take place and it is in this respect that  teachers have a huge role to play as also the institution. The teachers need to play a highly proactive role in developing and steering the students towards positive engagement and non-engagement of the negative aspects. The institution can play the role of motivating teachers   in their endeavors in this respect and teacher training programs can stress on this ideology during the convocation program for teachers.

The roles of the student, the teacher, and the institution combine to bring to affect the process of student engagement. The role of the institution is to provide complete facilities that result in the desired outcome. The role of the teacher is of prime importance in ensuring successful student engagement. The book No Teacher Left Behind Keeping up With and Captivating “Generation Next” in the Classroom by Bryan Fiese, elaborates on the need for programs that ensure teachers are provided with the opportunity to work and dedicate their services to the enriching of such programs like student engagement.  Apart from clarity in the teaching process, the teacher is also required to provide feedback that is not only constructive for the student but also motivates the student to improve and identify the areas for improvement.

Therefore, it is the duty of the adults that the student interacts with that brings about the holistic student engagement which results in a highly skilled and extremely talented manpower resource to the society for its betterment.



Motivate Your Teachers



Teachers are meant to enhance the knowledge and skill of the students and provide a firm base for their intellectual growth as well as personal development. But have you ever wondered what motivates these teachers to brush up their skills every now and then to match up to the changing times as well as improve their own skills and teaching abilities? Well, to improve the performance of teachers and to help them grow professionally so as to promote the learning of students, many schools conduct Teacher In-service programs. This program involves the participation of all the teachers of a school in informational as well as learning sessions to improve their own teaching capabilities as well as skill building.

Majority of schools devote a few days every year as in-service days for the teachers wherein the students enjoy their day off but the teachers are required to attend the training sessions in order to boost their knowledge and skills in addition to adapting to the new advanced techniques of the changing times. This helps them polish their own teaching methods by implementing new techniques that helps in reaching out to the students in a more effective way and make the study more enjoyable as well as knowledgeable.  Well trained teachers ensure better student achievement and thus, more and more schools and teachers are now keen and opting in for the in-service program that not only polishes and hones the skills of the qualified teachers but also, instills in them the confidence of adapting to new methods including the usage of latest technology or social media as powerful learning tools. This program helps them meet their specific needs in regards to education and teaching as the educator conducting the service is capable of introducing them to new ways to improve their practice in addition to suggesting measures to cater to their specific needs.

Such professional development programs or workshops motivate and encourage the teachers to strive for excellence and aim towards achieving highest level of performance. Moreover, a motivated teacher is satisfied with the job he or she is entitled to and thus, puts in the best foot forward to achieve new heights in teaching.

To help teachers reach soaring heights in their profession which in turn, promotes the development of the students, various motivational programs are undertaken by different providers. One of the most innovative training program is titled  ‘Bryan Fiese’s 10 Rules of Student Enagement’ which is approved through  various states including Texas Education Agency, Kentucky Department of Education, and Arkansas Department of Education in offering CPE credits and is being widely incorporated by various districts of the United States to educate teachers about various ways of creating an engaging learning environment for the students so as to help them connect and maximize the learning experience.

Whether you are an administrator looking for interactive training sessions and fun-filled group activities for your staff or someone in need of a professional orator for an educational event or a convocation, your search ends at Motivated Proformance Inc. as we offer all kinds of motivational consultations for the benefit of the teaching fraternity. We encourage interpersonal communication and introduce unique teaching strategies essential for the growth of teachers as well as the institutions.

Are You a Good Teacher?

Bryan Fiese: No Teacher Left Behind – Keeping Up With and Captivating Generation Next In the Classroom

Are you a good teacher? I assume you are one, since right now you are looking for effective teaching strategies, you are willing to learn a teaching style in your classroom. Certainly you want to teach your students how to get along in life, how to use the knowledge you and your school provide them. You want to see your students as successful, happy, bright grown-ups who can recognize their own unique skills and talents and make the best of them; you make it your mission. You have plenty of students, all of them promising in their own way. You are the one who needs to find their strengths, to help them become creative. You are supposed to make them realize that education is important, it is a path to a good, satisfying, whole life. It all depends on the teaching style in your classroom.

Your profession is a wonderful and hard one. It requires plenty of empathy and patience. It requires effective teaching strategies and an ability to keep your students interested and motivated. Probably you see the downsides of teaching time and again, your students are yawning during classes, they do not care about your advice, they are uninterested in your subject, perhaps they do not understand how important it is to get a proper education, to prepare for their adult lives. How could you help these negative feelings? Can you implement a new teaching style in your classroom?  How could you learn new, effective teaching techniques?

Motivating and empowering your students can help more than ordering them around. A couple of decades ago, motivation via intimidation might have done the trick, however, it does not work any longer. We live in a free, fast-paced world these days, teaching methods and the demands of the world have changed, the expectations are high, and Generation Y and Z are different than students used to be ten years ago. These changing circumstances require different but equally effective teaching techniques.  Teachers should adapt to the change, without getting into laissez faire attitude. How could you keep up the interest of a bunch of active – sometimes too active –, curious, smart students? You cannot force them to want to study more or get interested in a subject, this is obvious. You need effective teaching techniques and a new teaching style in your classroom to make them understand that doing well at school is within their best interests.

Never give up. You can get professional advice from a well-respected writer and education expert, Bryan Fiese, in his amazing book, No Teacher Left Behind – Keeping up with and Captivating Generation Next in the Classroom. This is the second edition of the book, the first one was a hit with teachers and educators. In his book, Bryan Fiese offers effective teaching strategies, he introduces cognitive methods on classroom management, it describes a program that will help you recognize your students’ interests, skills, background knowledge, language skills, their preference in learning, from visual to audiovisual types. This could help you a whole lot when you teach them. From this comprehensive and interesting book, No Teacher Left Behind, you can learn how to be a democratic and respected teacher, to use a new teaching style in your classroom, to provide a safe and motivating environment for your students. You can learn effective teaching strategies on how to solve problems you might have with your students.

Bryan Fiese is the co-founder of Motivated Proformance Inc. He has been working with teachers, administrators and students for 15 years. He has been on television and radio, he has held lots of conferences, workshops, trainings, keynotes and in-services.


Okey Dokey

Learn to Empower and Motivate Students with Motivated Teacher

The script has flipped. With such highly active, independent, impatient, creative, intelligent and demanding minds filling today’s classroom’s, it is now the teachers who are, in a sense, at risk of being left in the academic dust. Gone are the days when teachers could educate and command respect by ruling with an iron fist. “Motivation via intimidation” no longer works. With Generation Next, we have reached the Age of empowerment. These individuals seek coaches and mentors, not autocrats. Thus, educators who continue to cling tightly to traditional teaching tactics, theories and philosophies will fail.

Bryan Fiese: 10 Rules of Engagement 

bryan fiese motivates teachers to engage students

Student Engagement

Kids of today’s generation are living on a brand of new technologies and constantly adapting and updating to the current trends. They have access to Ipads, octa core powered processor devices and a lot more. With these students developing at such exponential rates the teachers should also evolve and adapt and change their teaching methodologies in such a way that they co-exist within the Student-Teacher Eco system and help understand the students better.

Engaging students in the class room!

Bryan Fiese’s rules have transformed the way teachers now interact with the student and how they mingle with them. Bryan Fiese techniques and methodologies have shaped a new trend in this field.


As the saying goes, “The first impression is the best impression” Welcome the students with a hearty smile which makes them comfortable and creates an instant connection. This helps you have a strong bond and develop further on this.


Long gone is the traditional row by row, end to end setup. A semi-circle seating approach allows the teacher to easily interact with all the students, thereby allowing them to concentrate on each individual. A healthy communication and dialogue is maintained in the classroom.

3.       Develop rapport with the students

Start striking a good conversation with the students; ask questions which evoke a healthy debate, share stories from your experiences which help the students understand the concepts better.

4.       Bring in the Enthusiasm

You need to be self-confident and have an authoritative use of voice patterns, shift notes and adapt yourself according to the situation. The Body language should evoke a sense of confidence which help to connect easily with the student crowd.

5.       Use Supporting Technique

Make use of supporting technique 55% of the time. This helps the students understand better and progress well through the course.

6.       Facilitated Learning

This is a revolutionary technique which involves a student talking 80% of the time. This helps in a substantial increase in student level interaction. It helps their analytical and verbal skills. Since they talk and explain the topics, it helps them understand the topics better and help them grow.

7.       Audio – Visual Techniques

Deliver the same concepts using Audio –visual mode of explanation. Since more senses are involved like listening, viewing and perceiving this helps the students to gather more information and relate it examples. These kinds of techniques help students’ analytical and sensing abilities.

8.       Brain Plasticity

A remarkable and trend setting methodology which help the students to make use of specific brain functionalities, helping them achieve more focus and concentration. Full Brain functionality helps them gain more knowledge and garner more sensory abilities.

9.       Achievable goals

There is no point in setting goals which are impossible for to attain in a short span of time. Like 5 different fingers on our hands, each student is different, his or her individual subject grasping abilities differ from others. We need to device a work plan and set attainable and achievable goals for individual students. As these students succeed on this goal, it helps them to gain confidence and grow further. With each successive goal they progress on their skill and abilities.

10.   Change Is Good

Keeping things monotonous doesn’t serve any purpose. We need to constantly keep changing the way things work. Keep the students guessing on what is going to happen next? The element of surprise always helps in keeping the students engaged and more interactive.

 Teachers are student’s role models, guidance and form a stepping stone towards success. They need to develop and mold themselves to help students achieve their maximum potential.


Module 1:

  • Understanding how to teach to this generation.
  • How to create a facilitated learning environment that is engaging.
  • Effective listening skills.

 Module 2:

Connecting with students through:

  • Verbal patterns.
  • Brain functions.
  • Personality modeling.

Module 3:

  • Creating an engaging classroom setting.
  • Empowerment  techniques for disciplining (scripting techniques).
  • Handling conflict.

Module 4:

  • Providing intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Module 5:

  • Delivering your lesson with pizzazz.
  • Balancing technology and creating visual stimuli.

Module 6:

  • Sustaining a “Flow Environment”

No Teacher Left Behind Powered by Bryan Fiese – Changing the Way Teachers Teach!
Learn to Engage, Motivate and Empower Students!

No Teacher Left Behind (NTLB), as both Bryan Fiese’s book by and his motivation program for educators that goes by the same name, has proven itself as a conduit of choice for many school districts throughout the United States. These districts were wise enough to seek support for the scholastic equivalent of the “front lines:” teachers.

 The NTLB learning session is based around cognitive responses and reflexes supporting classroom-set differentiated learning. This session will enable educators to recognize the varying backgrounds of knowledge, readiness, learning preference, interests and language represented by the modern student body, and react to these variables in a responsive manner. NTLB participants learn to meet each student where he or she is and assist them in the learning process to procure maximum growth and individual, scholarly success. Teachers will gain a talent for developing facilitated learning environments through a leadership approach employing a “push-pull” dynamic which benchmarks high expectations of academic achievement. This talent comes in addition to knowledge in positive reinforcement, which coincides with session-defined intrinsic motivators to create a safe, constructive working and learning environment and build self-esteem in students.

By the end of Part 1, educators will know:

• How to Motivate Students
• How to Engage Students in the Classroom
• How to Provide Tactful Discipline
• And How to Keep Yourself Motivated!

No Teacher Left Behind Part 2 - Classroom Delivery
In today’s classrooms, students expect teachers to “Eduatain” them through a day’s class period. This session is about teaching educators how to deliver the essential, hard-hitting lessons while balancing skills in modern technology, thereby grabbing students’ attention so they can retain more important information.

Improve Instruction 

Teachers will learn the methods necessary toward balancing technology and more standard delivery methods in order to create an engaging environment. It is estimated that the average classroom learner’s participation pie chart is made up of 7% of listening to a teacher’s words, 38% listening to tone of voice and 55% paying attention to an educator’s body language. This session provides the tools and strategies necessary to help teachers connect and engage with Generation Next.

No Teacher Left Behind Part 3 - Creating a Positive Environment
Our fun and innovative training session, which allows observation of individual and team behavior, is known as The Motivated Team Building Block System. Through the System, teams get help toward identifying strengths and utilizing necessary tools needed for efficient work. Because teachers and a school’s administrative staff must work as a unit to maximize their pupils’ learning experience, The Motivated Team Building Block System focuses on bolstering skills via three major goal posts: Improve Moral, Create a Positive Environment and Open Up the Lines of Communications.

No Administrator Left Behind
To be an effective leader, one must act simultaneously as an innovative thinker, savvy goal-setter, risk-taker, mentor, coach, counselor and expert communicator. That’s a huge load, but our rewarding No Administrator Left Behind (NALB) program explores the various methods that achieve this multifaceted position while inspiring people, winning their trust and pushing them that extra mile when they (and you) need it. Participants will learn how the new roles, challenges and expectations thrust upon them by today’s school environment can be turned to an administrator’s advantage. This advantage is then used to encourage staff to realize their full potential, thereby creating a hugely successful work environment. This particular keynote/workshop has been responsible for many U.S. school districts’ recent success stories. An administrator coming out of NALB will be motivated and empowered with a refreshed sense of value for their school’s teaching staff. They will also have a new strategy to use when facing down their educational milieu’s many challenges.

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