We’ve spent a lot of copy over these past few pages trying to sell you on the quality and results of No Teacher Left Behind. But don’t let us convince you alone. Below are a range of responses from happy past participants.

During the August 2012 convocation and professional development the staff of Vernon ISD had the opportunity to hear a message from Bryan Fiese of Motivated Proformance Inc.  In his presentation No Teacher Left Behind Part 2 and Creating a Positive Environment, he challenged each one to consider the commonalities and differences in the generations of students and teachers coming face to face in the classrooms and to determine how best to successfully accomplish the tasks of learning.  Through the use of life examples and reflections on the recent past, he brought us face to face with the reality of our students of today.  Many positive comments were made by teachers who walked away with a realization and hopefully a method to work with the students of today.  Brian was with VISD to present No Teacher Left Behind in 2008.  The administration was pleased with the links to the previous session that were made, and for the newest staff, the information was just as pertinent to them. Marylin Leasure Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction – Vernon ISD

Our principals enjoyed the great ideas presented to get teachers involved and motivated!  Board members gave it a 10!  Utah Association of Secondary School Principals

Great humor!  Teachers related to the topic and were extremely motivated by the presentation.  There was a lot of laughter and friendly interaction.  It was exactly what we needed to kick off the new school year.  Murtaugh School District – Idaho

Our teachers really enjoyed NTLB and felt it very helpful and insightful.  Arkansas Alternative Educator Association

Bryan kept the audience engaged with stories, hands-on activities and humor as well as common sense approached to working with students.  They loved him and laughed all day!  Region 10 Education Service Center-Texas

Bryan was wonderful.  He was motivating, engaging and his energy was contagious.  This is a must presentation!  Austin ISD-Texas

Teachers left the presentation with tools they could use and a better understanding of the generational difference that rule the relationship between teachers and students.   Everything was backed up and supported with research.  The audience as captivated with the sincerety and appropiateness of Bryan’s message.  Wyoming Advanced ED

Great info, Great-Great-Great!   Excellent presentation! Bryan was an awesome presenter.  The entire audience was moved, motivated, and re-energized to begin the next school year focused on the needs of their students. Region 12 Education Service Center – Texas

The teachers really enjoyed how true many of the examples/illustrations were to the students they work with.  In addition, the mix of humor tied in with research and data made this a great kick off to our conference.  Region 8 Education Service Center – Texas

Our administrators liked the generational engagement overview.   Bryan’s energy, delivery and knowledge of current brain research was meaningful and motivating.    Bryan was well received by our schools and District Administrators. Washington Association of School Administrators

Bryan was great….definitely brought his “A” game.  Our teachers learned a lot.   Plano ISD – Career Tech

This was one of the best speakers we have had.  It was the right mix of information and humor.  Bryan was very well received by the teachers and staff.   Comal ISD, TX

They like the common sense solutions to problems and they liked the  method of presentation.   The handout was one of the best I’ve seen and there were lots of positive comments about this.  They liked having something to do and being kept busy.    Motivational Learning and Bryan Fiese, Will teach you how to work with different generations and different personalities with ease.  I have not heard one comment that was not positive.   Everybody from all campuses came to me and said he was the BEST- Dalhart ISD

We truly enjoyed having Mr. Fiese as part of our in service staff development and as our keynote speaker.  I have heard positive feedback about his presentations from our staff!  It was a great way to welcome back all our teachers and we look forward to bringing Bryan back for future presentations.  Southside ISD – Texas

Bryan is a dynamic speaker.  Our educators loved his delivery.  Very satisfied with this presentation.  Some chose to go to both sessions, even though were repeated.  They just felt they needed to hear the information twice!
Idaho Title I Conference
Bryan Fiese, Will teach you how to work with different generations and different personalities with ease.I have not heard one comment that was not positive.   All of campuses have said he was the BEST- Sweetwater ISD
Our staff loved the strategies he presented and the way it was presented.  This was a fun professional development day while still offering useful information.  Kids Involvement Network – Northside ISD – Texas
NTLB was Great!  There was a lot of laughter and friendly interaction encouraged by the presentation.  It was exactly what we needed to start a positive school year
Murtaugh, ID
“I heard nothing but positive comments later that afternoon and for the next two days about this program.”
Vernon ISD, TX
“Our faculty and staff really enjoyed the presentation and received strategies they can put into practice in their classrooms and daily lives. Very Positive — Lots of laughing — Lots of audience interaction and participation.”
Orange Grove ISD, TX
“Not only did we hear interesting factual information, but it was presented in an entertaining and hands-on way. The teachers and staff commented that this was one of the few Professional Learning Activities they attended that they forgot to watch the clock. It was an excellent way to begin our new school year! Very positive comments from all three levels — elementary, middle, and high school students.”
Telfair County Schools, GA
“Our teachers really liked the explanation of four generations working together and the EASY step method. Bryan kept the audience’s attention throughout the full day session. The audiovisuals were excellent. The exercise activities were very good. Fantastic… Teachers really enjoyed it!!!!”
EGION XV Education Service Center ,TX
“Teachers who attended were MORE than satisfied! They were all engaged!”
Hope Public Schools, AR
“Learning specific techniques on how to approach difficult situations was perfect for our teachers. The presentation was animated, funny and informative. Teachers LOVED it!!”  Tioga ISD, TX
“Teacher feedback was positive from the No Teacher Left Behind training session. They found the session to be upbeat and capturing. They also felt that the information was very good, and were ready to implement the strategies learned right away.”  Richard Milburn Academy, Ft. Worth TX
Bryan had a great “presence” when he spoke.  The “workbook” provided a great guide for the program.  Bryan presented factual information in a positive way.  The teachers enjoyed the “personal” stories Bryan shared.  Bryan gave us specific strategies that can help each of us become a better educator.  No Teacher Left Behind program helped “renew the heart and courage of my teachers.”   Our “team” loved the presentation.  It was uplifting and inspirational.  Also, it was “Bryan has the ability to connect with each member of the audience. Our teachers Loved IT!!!”  Zavalla ISD – Texas

“The presenter was very friendly and knowledgeable. We all loved the great energy of the presenter.”  Cromwell Public Schools, CT

“One of our campuses decided to use the EASY tool for dealing with conflict campus-wide, and has shared that it is making a positive difference. Response was quite positive and was well received.”
Red Oak ISD, TX

Energetic, enthusiastic, captivating.  Content was relevant to what teachers do  with their students.    Excellent speaker, exciting and interesting presentation.  Thought provoking       Ideas.     The audience enjoyed the presentation.  I spoke to my teachers the next day and they really enjoyed the presentation.  Gonzales ISD,  TX

“I really enjoyed Bryan’s presentation. As an individual with ADHD, I truly appreciated his style. Even though I’m from the Baby Boomer generation, it is often difficult for me to sit through seminars (my hyperactivity plays a huge role in this) and I avoid them at all costs. In this day and age, I tend to rely on online webinars to stay current with continuing education. Bryan had my full attention throughout. The information presented was fascinating and his speaking style held my interest. I look forward to his next visit.”  Great Lakes Academy, TX

“An urgency for changing teaching behaviors due to changing student learning styles was communicated wittily and effectively. There were plenty of audience participation opportunities to keep them engaged and involved in the session. I sat in the back so I could monitor some of our worst offenders at staff development sessions and the level of engagement was outstanding!”
Comanche ISD
“Bryan Fiese’s easy-going, yet, enthusiastic manner of talking to a crowd puts participants at ease. You feel like he is talking just to you and not a roomful of people! He knows his material and delivers it very well. Everyone enjoyed the program it and valued the information learned.”
Collin County Educator Symposium
“Everyone very much enjoyed the presentation and valued the information learned. Bryan kept the audiences attention throughout the entire program. I gave this program a 10 out of 10.”  WIC
“Bryan is on top of his game. The audience loved the presentation & learned so much valuable information.”  Region XV Education Service Center
Bryan did a great job.  Our teachers were amazed at how he helped them understand why students in their classrooms today need to be taught differently than they ever have in the past.  He was not only inspiring, but right on target with the information he provided.  He also left them with tools they can use on their first day of school to set the tone for learning and to begin to be effective with their teaching and discipline strategies for the emerging generations of kids we have in our schools today.   Great job!! - Emery Unified School District, UT

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