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A motivated teacher ensures the upkeep of students and a motivated student ensures upkeep of the entire society. Such is the power of a learned, knowledgeable and inspired teacher, he/she trains the entire future of the nation and thus every effort should be made to keep them motivated all the time. Teacher-student relationship is not new to the world, it has been there since many centuries however, what has changed is the equation of learning. There was a time when only the students were required to be cognizant with the facts and things related to their subject and world in totality, they were expected to be positively charged all the time, however now the same kind of motivation and outlook is expected from the teachers. Students no longer wish to study from autocrats instead they expect to interact with learned and friendly faces and brings the best possible methods to ensure the same.

The biggest challenge that many school administrators’ face today is the increasing levels of dissatisfaction among students regarding their teachers and age-old teaching methods. Traditional ways of teaching no longer work on the students anymore because today when students look at their teachers, they seek empowering coaches and not some dictators. After extensive research and working with  students and teachers of various schools in United States for around 15 years, Bryan Fiese owner of Motivated Proformance Inc. -an organization that conducts teacher in-service programs and offers various interactive fast paced workshops for teachers who face challenges coping up with generation next every day.

The participants of our teacher in-service programs are imparted motivational and communicational skills that help them interact freely and confidently with their students. There are separate sessions for improving leadership skills as well. At Motivated Performance Inc, we are very well aware of the fact that engaging students in a lecture is complicated and in order to simplify this task for you, we offer key-notes for conducting motivational lectures for all our participants.  Bryan Fiese’s “10 Rules of Student Engagement” keynote serves dual purpose- firstly to motivate  teachers to perform their duties in better and interesting manner and secondly, engaged in their lectures, teachers start understanding the techniques and ways of engaging their own students in classrooms.

The wide array of interactive and innovative training workshops and sessions provided by our organization not just prove extremely helpful for the school administrators by motivating teachers but also serve another wonderful function of making an educational conference successful and worth attending. Due to the rapid development of educational institutions, a number of companies and event planners organize vivid events that are based on the topics of student-teacher interaction and student motivation etc. These conferences can achieve instant success by hiring professional and experienced keynote speaker that is in touch with student success and teacher improvement.

A number of schools spread across United States have adopted Bryan Fiese methods and have experienced instant improvement in their results and student teacher motivational quotient after organizing one of our teacher-in-service sessions.

Contact Motivated Teacher now and let you teachers experience the true meaning of motivation and your students feel liberated and confident once again.

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Teachers are meant to enhance the knowledge and skill of the students and provide a firm base for their intellectual growth as well as personal development. But have you ever wondered what motivates these teachers to brush up their skills every now and then to match up to the changing times as well as improve their own skills and teaching abilities? Well, to improve the performance of teachers and to help them grow professionally so as to promote the learning of students, many schools conduct Teacher In-service programs. This program involves the participation of all the teachers of a school in informational as well as learning sessions to improve their own teaching capabilities as well as skill building.

Majority of schools devote a few days every year as in-service days for the teachers wherein the students enjoy their day off but the teachers are required to attend the training sessions in order to boost their knowledge and skills in addition to adapting to the new advanced techniques of the changing times. This helps them polish their own teaching methods by implementing new techniques that helps in reaching out to the students in a more effective way and make the study more enjoyable as well as knowledgeable.  Well trained teachers ensure better student achievement and thus, more and more schools and teachers are now keen and opting in for the in-service program that not only polishes and hones the skills of the qualified teachers but also, instills in them the confidence of adapting to new methods including the usage of latest technology or social media as powerful learning tools. This program helps them meet their specific needs in regards to education and teaching as the educator conducting the service is capable of introducing them to new ways to improve their practice in addition to suggesting measures to cater to their specific needs.

Such professional development programs or workshops motivate and encourage the teachers to strive for excellence and aim towards achieving highest level of performance. Moreover, a motivated teacher is satisfied with the job he or she is entitled to and thus, puts in the best foot forward to achieve new heights in teaching.

To help teachers reach soaring heights in their profession which in turn, promotes the development of the students, various motivational programs are undertaken by different providers. One of the most innovative training program is titled  ‘Bryan Fiese’s 10 Rules of Student Enagement’ which is approved through  various states including Texas Education Agency, Kentucky Department of Education, and Arkansas Department of Education in offering CPE credits and is being widely incorporated by various districts of the United States to educate teachers about various ways of creating an engaging learning environment for the students so as to help them connect and maximize the learning experience.

Whether you are an administrator looking for interactive training sessions and fun-filled group activities for your staff or someone in need of a professional orator for an educational event or a convocation, your search ends at Motivated Proformance Inc. as we offer all kinds of motivational consultations for the benefit of the teaching fraternity. We encourage interpersonal communication and introduce unique teaching strategies essential for the growth of teachers as well as the institutions.

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Book Review: “No Teacher Left Behind — Keeping Up With and Captivating ‘Generation Next’ in the Classroom” By Bryan Fiese
October 22, 2012 07:39 PM EDT
“These kids today that you are teaching, have been micro-managed from day one,” begins a video on the website (, “. . .They’re showing up in your classroom, looking you in the eye and saying: ‘You better lead me.’”

Current societal trends of having less children and having those children later in life — combined with their Generation X parents’ proclivity for empowering their offspring in family decision-making processes — have produced a school-aged generation that’s brighter, more precocious and more connected to the Information Superhighway than any that has come before.

Bryan Fiese has formulated an extremely motivating style of imparting information that is highly geared toward capturing the attention of these bright, new students which has taken the teaching profession by storm and spawned hundreds of seminars slated to preparing today’s teachers for the challenges they will meet in their classrooms. Now, Bryan is offering these golden nuggets in book form that all parents, grandparents and teachers should be reading if they want to put and keep their kids on top of the learning curve.

Bryan’s methods don’t just work for teaching kids in a classroom situation. His people-managing skills are universal and can help anyone just trying to get along in the world…

His “skill-based learning” model tells us that only 7% of kids in the classroom are actually listening to the words the teacher is saying. 38% are listening solely to the “tone” and inflection of the words being spoken but, 55% are watching the teacher’s body language for cues. It then becomes very important that the teacher have all of these skills down pat if s/he really wants to see actual learning happening.

I have my own experiences with this “body language of the teacher” principle…

When I was in high school, drama was my favorite class — bar none. Our teacher (for all three years) was a dear, humble man for whom all of us students felt a great deal of affection. He tolerated a lot of antics on our parts, not the least of which was one of my little stunts wherein I would say each word he was saying at the exact moment that he said it. He tried “fooling” me by starting to say one word and then quickly switching to another but it never worked. I could see the “fake” coming a mile away as I kept right up with him, word-for-word.

How did I know what our teacher was going to say BEFORE he said it? Two words: “Body Language”. Although they didn’t really have a name for it in my day, that’s what it was… I would watch for his hand gestures, his “stalling” gestures (touching his forehead with the tips of his fingers, straightening his tie, etc.) and his breathing cues — all of which made me able to say each and every word he was going to say before it came out of his mouth.

So I know how important body language is — especially to young people in a learning situation.

This is why I have always advocated dance classes for youngsters. Dance teaches body discipline and something my mother would have called “good carriage” — the way you hold and move your body — the tilt of your head, your hand gestures, the way you walk, all convey loads of information about you and how you feel about the “message” you’re trying to get across.

Bryan Fiese incorporates all of the variables in a wonderfully engaging style that is uniquely his — full of humor and enthusiasm and, before you know it, you’ve actually LEARNED SOMETHING.

Everyone, and I do mean “EVERYONE”, will benefit greatly from reading (and studying) “No Teacher Left Behind” — if you have kids or grandkids in school or not.

For information on how to obtain Bryan’s indispensable book, go to and be sure to watch the short video there — I know you’ll appreciate it and you’ll thank Bryan AND me for sending you!

While you’re at it, visit Bryan’s other great informational webpages:

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Wow! Fall is here and as we reflect back on the last several months we would like to thank all the wonderful schools and educator conferences we were privileged to work with by providing Bryan Fiese’s No Teacher Left behind Program as a keynote, In-Service training, and workshops. A Big thanks to the following in Texas: Region 10 Education Service Center, Plano ISD Career Tech Department, Great Lakes Academy, Southside ISD, Grand Saline ISD, The Summer CTAT and FCSTAT conferences. In Idaho: Murtaugh School District, Bonneville Joint Scholl District 93, and Minidoka County School District. In Washington: Washington Association of School Administrators. In Oklahoma: Oklahoma Career Tech Conference. In Arkansas: Arkansas of Association of Alternative Educators. We hope your teachers are staying motivated and applying the intense instructional strategies provided.

Family and Consumer Science Teacher Association of TX Conference – Dallas, TX August 4, 2011

August 4, 2011-Presenter  Bryan Fiese