What to Expect from Generation Next in the Classroom

As products of our consumer-driven
postmodern society, Gen-Nexters are likely to exhibit the following key characteristics in the classroom:

- Impatients with Techno-Illiteracy
- An Expectation of Amusement
- A Need for Instant Gratification
- Appreciation of – not just tolerance for
– diversity
- Cynicism
- A focus on effort over excellence

As well as being highly techno-literate, Gen-Nexters expect learning to be fun and entertaining, expect instant
gratification, appreciate diversity, are somewhat cynical and are averse to highly structured, overly competitive environments

Texas Charter School Conference – May 12, 2010

Pre-Conference Session-Bryan Fiese Brain Based Research – No Teacher Left Bbehind

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July 18-20, 2011 Presenter Bryan Fiese

Arkansas Alternative Conference June 12, 2011

Arkansas Alternative Conference- Presenter Bryan Fiese. Keynote and breakout sessions. No Teacher Left Behind